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Whether you are a person who feels a particular responsibility for environmental protection, or you love the dynamics of an electric car or taking advantage of the city's electric traffic, you are a pioneer of an electrical mobility and you have our admiration. It is YOU, who in certainly occurring daily discussions gradually convincing others future electric car users. Every kilometer/mile driven on electricity instead of conventional fossil fuels represents significantly less CO2 emissions and thus a much lower contribution to climate change. Electric cars will change our world. And we believe with you that clearly for the better!

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The easiest way to charge an electric car is when the car is parked and you don't need to use it. In most cases this is during the night. Our simple wallbox - EV charger, which you can easily configure with us exactly according to your needs and your car, eliminates the need to constantly search or pull out portable charger form your car. Just plug and charge. And in the morning you don't have to think where to store the charging cable, simply wind it on the charger. In short, be comfortable.